Ever since they began their adventure at Holland & Holland, Stella Tennant and Isabella Cawdor have travelled the world seeking inspiration for their designs, blending their fascination with the great outdoors with the brand’s intrepid history of exploration.

This season, their eclectic British sensibility is interspersed with exotic influences: multicoloured seventies knits pay tribute to the hand-hewn wardrobes of their ancestors, while rabbit and coyote jackets take their cues from patchworked Mongolian furs.

Stormproof ponchos are adapted from Argentine tradition, and sheepskin satchels have evolved from cartridge bags in homage to Holland & Holland’s heritage. Far-flung destinations cross-pollinate with their own histories to create a new vision for global travel.

Uniquely developed tweeds play a pivotal role in this collection, ranging from tactile cashmere to light, bouncing Linton – and, for the first time, Harris Tweed has been used to form elegantly functional tailoring. Photographed by Jamie Haweksworth on the windswept plains of Scotland’s Outer Hebrides – from where the fabric hails – it is captured in its natural habitat.

“This rugged environment is exactly the kind of place that these clothes come into their own,” explains Tennant. “All of the places we’ve visited are interlinked by their nature. This is a brand that can travel, where nothing will look out of place,” continues Cawdor.

Now, the brand makes a seamless transition from the plains of Mongolia to the Scottish Isles, and proves itself equally suited to both.

Here is the modern luxury of Holland & Holland: globally minded, resolutely practical, and perfectly formed. Clothing which can travel, no matter the destination.