Unisex Sporting Gloves - Brown

As low as £350.00


  • 100% Lamb Nappa Leahter
  • Designed for field sports

Hand-made in a factory in the historic glove-making quarter of Millau, France.

Using long-established methods of craftsmanship with century-old manufacturing secrets these gloves have been reinforced with Nomex (similar to Kevlar) for extra comfort and durability. The design of these sporting gloves has been studied to provide comfort and practicality in the field.

Made in France 


To find the correct size please follow the procedure below: 

Close the hand and take the measurement without squeezing too tight. You should use your dominant hand (right for right-handed and left for left-handed). Read off the measurement on the conversion table below in order to find out your glove size.

Size Chart: 

CM 17.5 19 20 21.5 23 24 25.5 27
Size 6.5 7 7.5 8 8.5 9 9.5 10
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Unisex Sporting Gloves - Brown
Unisex Sporting Gloves - Brown Unisex Sporting Gloves - Brown